Discover the Best Ways to Travel to Southern Norway

There are several convenient travel options to reach Vrådal, Norway. You can choose to drive by car, take a ferry, or opt for air travel. Explore each of these choices to plan your journey to Norway. The most popular routes often include a ferry crossing. If you prefer alternative routes without ferries, you can find information below on traveling by car or by air.

1. Ferry from Hirtshals to Norway

Travel from Hirtshals (DK) to Larvik/Kristiansand (NO) on a 3-hour ferry journey. Afterward, continue your trip with a 3-hour drive to reach our cabin in Vrådal.

2. Quick Fehmarn Ferry to Scandinavia

Begin your journey with a 45-minute ferry ride from Fehmarn (DE) to Rødby (DK). Drive through Sweden to reach Norway, a total driving time of approximately 10 hours.

3. Kiel to Oslo Luxury Option

Opt for the overnight ferry from Kiel (DE) to Oslo (NO), providing 20 hours of cruising comfort. Upon arrival in Oslo, continue with a 4-hour drive to our cabin in Vrådal, Norway.

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To Norway by Plane or Ferry-Free Road Trip

Air Norwegian Aircraft on the Ground

For those planning to arrive in Norway by air, Oslo Airport is a convenient gateway. Upon landing at Oslo Airport, you can easily rent a car to embark on the approximately 4-hour drive to our cabin. This option provides a swift and comfortable way to reach our cabin at Wolfhytten if you’re traveling from a greater distance.

Öresund Bridge Overlooking the Sea

For travelers seeking a ferry-free route to Norway, a road trip through Denmark and Sweden is an option. Two significant bridges, the Storebælt Bridge (approximately €35 toll) and the Öresund Bridge (around €50 toll), connect these countries. These tolls are necessary expenses for accessing Norway by road while enjoying the scenic journey.

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