Split-view image of a person using a landing net for fishing, half above and half underwater.
4 km
Distance from the Cabin



In Vrådal, fishing enthusiasts can make the most of the waters at Lake Nisser and Vråvatn, conveniently situated just downhill from the holiday house. These lakes offer a variety of fish species, including trout, perch, char, and whitefish. Fishing licenses are obtainable at the tourist information center and Straand Hotel.

Trout found in these waters can reach weights of over 8 kg, although most catches range between 150 and 600 grams. Renowned for their delectable taste, these trout can be easily prepared by the fireside at Wolfhytten. The prime time for fishing is from June to August when the weather is pleasant and fish are more active. During mid-summer, the fish tend to seek cooler depths due to the warmer temperatures.

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Skier jumping over a ski ramp on the Gautefall ski slope
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A stunning aerial view of Vrådal Golf Course, embraced by multiple lakes, featuring clear blue waters, vibrant greenery, and perfect weather.
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