Surveying of Vacation House Construction Site in Norway.

Preparing the Ground for Wolfhytten


On July 6, 2023, we traveled to Vrådal, Norway, to advance the further planning for our vacation home “Wolfhytten.” The construction is scheduled to begin in October, so we needed to prepare the plot beforehand. In a productive meeting with the construction company and the responsible party for site preparation, we determined the optimal location for the vacation home on the spacious plot. Preserving the natural environment is a top priority for us, especially the two impressive rocks that could potentially serve as a terrace. With this sustainable approach, we aim to provide our guests with an authentic nature experience.

We were thrilled with the progress and are looking forward to the upcoming preparation of the site and the start of construction. With each meeting, the plans become more concrete, and we can envision “Wolfhytten” more clearly. Our vision is for “Wolfhytten” to be a retreat surrounded by the beauty of Norwegian nature, offering our guests unforgettable memories.

To make the most of our stay in Vrådal, we also considered marketing and took some photos of the activities that future guests can expect at our vacation home. These images will be showcased on our website and Instagram, including the Reel of the mirrored sauna, which can be viewed on Instagram.

After the intense planning and photo sessions, we returned to Oslo in the evening and are eagerly awaiting the preparations that will begin in October. We are excited about our dream of “Wolfhytten” becoming a reality and welcoming guests to this idyllic vacation home.

Yannick Wolf standing at Vrådal Panorama on Wolfhytten property

Yannick Wolf

Wolfhytten Host

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