10 km
Distance from the Cabin

HUBRiding Motorbike Tours


HUBRiding offers a motorcycle touring experience in the picturesque region of Telemark, Norway. This unique concept by Straand Hotel brings together enthusiasts to explore some of Norway’s most beautiful routes on two wheels. The tours start from the Straand Hotel, famously self-proclaimed as “Probably the best motorcycle hotel in the world” – a statement you can see echoed in their promotional video.

Located just 10km from our holiday home, the Straand Hotel serves as the perfect hub for these adventures. Telemark is renowned for its stunning landscapes, featuring expansive forests, crystal-clear lakes, and spectacular mountains—all waiting to be discovered on a motorcycle.

The routes are carefully chosen to provide an exciting riding experience, suitable for both seasoned bikers and those new to motorcycle tours. The tours promise a journey through breathtaking nature and charming Norwegian villages, offering a blend of thrill and tranquility.

Regular events and meet-ups are a fantastic opportunity to connect with other motorcyclists and form new friendships. To stay updated on the latest events and tours, make sure to check the HUBRiding website regularly.

Enjoy your ride through Telemark and create unforgettable moments on your motorcycle. We wish you a lot of fun and safe travels on your HUBRiding tours!



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