Man using an axe to skillfully create a hole for ice bathing in the lake.
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Mirror sauna


In the idyllic landscape of Vrådal Panorama, just a short, refreshing walk from our holiday home, you will find the mirror sauna. It offers a unique sauna experience that reflects the closeness to nature in a very special way. The outer walls are made of mirrored glass, so that the sauna blends seamlessly into the landscape, while you can enjoy the panorama undisturbed from inside.

The sauna’s heat source is a traditional wood-burning stove, which you can light yourself. This makes the experience even more authentic and personal. After a relaxing sauna session, the neighbouring lake invites you to take a refreshing dip.

The path to the mirror sauna:

After about 700 metres along the road up the mountain, you reach a small lake where the mirror sauna is located. There is also a small hut with a toilet and shower. Please leave everything clean, this is the only way to keep the place as beautiful as it is!

aerial view of holiday home area with path to mirror sauna marked

Booking and information:

The mirror sauna can be booked for two hours at a price of NOK 300, so there is plenty of time to enjoy this unique experience to the full. Booking is easy and convenient via the Vrådal Panorama booking tool.



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