Skiers posing for a group photo with skis on their shoulders, set against a scenic snowscape, capturing the camaraderie of winter sports.
122 km
Distance from the Cabin

Haukelifjell Ski Center


15 km

Haukelifjell Ski Center stands as one of the most snow-safe destinations in Norway, boasting early snow reports and a dry, cold climate that ensures a long ski season. With 6 lifts and 16 slopes, the ski center offers a total ski area spanning 15 km. This ensures ample opportunities for skiing enthusiasts to explore the breathtaking terrain and enjoy the pristine snow conditions that characterize Haukelifjell. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skier, Haukelifjell promises unforgettable experiences amidst its snow-covered peaks and serene surroundings.


ActionDaytripFamilyNatureOutdoorSki and Snowboard

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© Sigurd Svela
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Split-view image of a person using a landing net for fishing, half above and half underwater.
© Yngve Ask
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Skier in a blue jacket enjoying a thrilling skiing experience at Gausta Skisenter, highlighting the adventure and beauty of the ski area.
© Trond Stegarud
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Underwater Restaurant Interior with Tables, Chairs, and Blue Water View
© Under / Ivar Kvaal
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