Large mountains in the background near Rauland from the ski resort
79 km
Distance from the Cabin

Rauland Ski Centre


35 km

Rauland is renowned for its authentic Norwegian ambiance and excellent skiing opportunities. With 12 different ski lifts transporting visitors around the area, there are slopes suitable for all levels. The longest trail stretches an impressive 3400 meters, and the total length of the trail network spans 35 km. Rauland’s highest point in the facility is 1160 meters above sea level. Additionally, visitors can enjoy the blue park in Hotellbakken. Rauland Ski Centre is open on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as every day during holidays, ensuring ample opportunity for skiing adventures amidst stunning surroundings.


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© Yngve Ask
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© Terje Rakke, Nordic Life / Nissedal kommune
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