Canal Boats' vessel gliding on smooth water under a blue sky, surrounded by lush greenery.
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Canal Boats Telemark


Canal Boats offers the opportunity to rent electric boats, where you can even spend the night. In combination with a stay at Wolfhytten, this provides the perfect chance to explore the Telemark region both on water and on land. The boats are available for rent in Porsgrunn, near Larvik, which conveniently aligns with your travel plans, especially if you are arriving or departing by ferry from Denmark.

Rental options are flexible: you can rent a boat for a day, optionally with an experienced skipper and crew, or opt for a whole week and captain the boat yourself. The boats can accommodate up to seven people. Prices vary depending on the season and the size of the chosen boat, ranging from 16,000 NOK to 40,000 NOK for a week. For precise pricing details, please refer to Canal Boats’ official price list at

It’s important to note that according to Norwegian law, if you were born after 1980 and wish to operate the boat yourself, you are required to have a boating license. Additionally, the provider expects that you have at least two seasons of boating experience, as these boats are of a substantial size, ensuring the safety of all involved.

We wish you a wonderful time exploring Norway from the water and hope you have a great deal of fun during your Canal Boats adventure. It’s an excellent opportunity to connect with the stunning Norwegian landscapes and create unforgettable memories.

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