Aerial view of a yellow canoe on serene, glassy water.
9 km
Distance from the Cabin

Canoeing on Lake Nisser


One of the enjoyable activities in the Vrådal area is canoeing on the serene waters of Lake Nisser. To make the most of this experience, you can rent boats and canoes at various locations in Vrådal.

Straand Hotel:
Straand Hotel offers canoes, rowboats, and pedal boats for rent. Their rental services provide the perfect opportunity for a peaceful paddle along the lake’s picturesque shoreline.

Tourist Information in Vrådal:
The tourist information center located in the heart of Vrådal is another option for renting watercraft. Here, you can find canoes, kayaks, and even motorboats for those looking for a more leisurely experience on Lake Nisser.

Enjoy the natural beauty of Lake Nisser while exploring the waterways at your own pace through these rental services. It’s a wonderful way to connect with the scenic landscapes that Vrådal has to offer.

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Other activities nearby

Skiers posing for a group photo with skis on their shoulders, set against a scenic snowscape, capturing the camaraderie of winter sports.
122 km
15 km

Haukelifjell Ski Center

Explore Haukelifjell Ski Center, a snow-safe destination with 6 lifts and 15 km of slopes. Perfect for skiers seeking pristine snow conditions.

Skier in a blue jacket enjoying a thrilling skiing experience at Gausta Skisenter, highlighting the adventure and beauty of the ski area.
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Gausta Ski Centre

Explore premier ski slopes at Gaustablikk with stunning views of Gaustatoppen. Perfect for families and friends seeking unforgettable ski adventures.

Split-view image of a person using a landing net for fishing, half above and half underwater.
© Yngve Ask
4 km


Experience prime fishing conditions for trout, perch, and more at Lake Nisser and Vråvatn in Vrådal. Best from June to August.

M/S Fram sailing on Lake Nisser
6 km

M/S Fram Boat Tour

Experience the stunning M/S Fram Tour! Cruise through scenic Lake Nisser and Telemark’s fjords, surrounded by breathtaking views and onboard refreshments.