Sled adventure in the snow as huskies power through the Haukeli Husky Tour.
109 km
Distance from the Cabin

Haukeli Husky


Discover the Haukeli Husky experience, established by Svein Magne Myklebust in 2004. Guests have the opportunity to control their own sleds on short or extended tours through the scenic Haukeli region. In summer, wagon rides are available, and winter offers sled options. Warm clothing is provided for colder days.

Booking can be done in advance on their website,, or on short notice by calling to check availability for the same day. Contact details are available at

Haukeli Husky ensures a practical and enjoyable adventure, allowing visitors to navigate the snow-covered landscapes at their own pace.

Tip: Enhance your excursion by seamlessly combining it with a visit to the Soria Moria Sauna, conveniently located right along the way.

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