10 km
Distance from the Cabin

Straand Hotel and Bar


The Straand Hotel in Vrådal is a true gem with a rich history dating back to 1864. This charming hotel impresses with its high-quality furnishings and an atmosphere that is both elegant and inviting. Guests can relax in the lobby and enjoy a drink while soaking in the stylish surroundings.

Entertainment is also well catered for: regular live music events create a lively and cheerful atmosphere. Activities such as swimming in the hotel’s pool, playing billiards, or table tennis provide fun for all ages.

The Straand Hotel is also practical if you’ve forgotten something at home. With a linen service providing bed sheets and towels, and the ability to purchase golf equipment and snow chains right at the hotel, you’re prepared for any situation.

Furthermore, the hotel is a popular starting point for organized events and motorcycle tours, making it an ideal spot for adventure seekers. Whether you want to explore the area on two wheels or simply relax, the Straand Hotel offers something for everyone.

We hope you have the chance to experience the unique atmosphere and diverse offerings of the Straand Hotel for yourself. Enjoy your stay!



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